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Video above that i come across from Jierun’s post give me a clearer picture of Open Access. Apparently journal published under Open Access also being peer reviewed. Which means there is a quality control. ¬†CreativeCommons will give more control for authors regarding copyright issues. In other hand, maybe government can build an organization in charge of Open Resource Education that will control the funding, managing, and the publication of journals and articles.

While Open Resource Education or Open Access benefits authors and readers. Does free online content like newspapers, books, and music benefit both parties? Different from authors of journal and articles, they focus on financial leverage. Taylor Swift is one of the content provider that don’t want her music to be free.

2015-11-13 (2)

Growing usage of online media by young adults is not followed by eagerness to use it responsibly. Not much attention put into piracy and digital rights.

Shane Richmond’s articles got me reflect on what i said on my previous post. I thought paywall is good for both parties. In reality not really; newspaper subscription actually facing a slow growth in online newspaper advertising. Moreover, there is an opportunity cost where newspaper can reach bigger audience by get rid the subscription fee. Bigger exposure might generate more advertisement that can cover subscription fee. Robert Cailliau propose an interesting idea. He thinks online content should follow a pay-as-you-go model. Readers only have to pay for what they read. It would be much cheaper than monthly subscription.

In general, the concerns to make online content available for free is the quality, piracy and digital rights, and money. In my opinion, individuals should appreciate other’s creation by acknowledging and applying piracy and digital rights. In terms of money and quality. There is plenty of choices available to create quality content without charging a fixed amount. For example various kind of cross-subsidies or pay-as-you-go. Regardless this issues, i believe the advantages of free online content overshadow the disadvantages ūüôā

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what’s allowed and what’s not allowed

What is ethical? what is unethical? 

Quoting from¬†Kai’s post, Jay Shepherd summarizes it in one sentence – “it’s like pornography: you know it when you see it. It’s as simple as knowing the right thing to do, then doing the wrong thing”

The way individual defined ethics affected by socio-cultural effect. Based on law’s perspective,¬†it is also will be different as different country have different regulations.

Creating awareness and training will prevent unfair/unexpected dismissal. Most of it ends in court case as the employer never emphasize the policies.¬†On example provided by HuiMin,¬†we can see how employee online behavior affect the hospital. It doesn’t stop even though the hospital fired the employee. The company’s image still tainted and continuously receive criticism. Other alternative organization can implement is to banned social media to increase productivity or create an agreement with the employee to use key-loggers[1]

From comment i received, most of my colleagues don’t agree that employee should be allowed to post whatever they want. Let’s look in in positive side, if employer listen and change what the employee unhappy about. It will leverage the company. Employee also can post how employer treat them good. It also give free branding and marketing.

After doing topic 4, it comes to my realization i have no idea about labor law of social media and social media regulations. i don’t have a clear understanding what is the border that i can’t post online. It is important for us to know as we are going to enter professional life soon.

On the other side, Shannon’s post emphasizing customer behavior nowadays. Reflecting to myself, now i always search information online and i’m quite dependent on blogger’s review. In my opinion blogger’s review is a real customer experience and more sincere. It is wrong to say the product review is based on your opinion while the fact is it is what the the business owner’s dictate you. However, xiaxue states it is a must to announce sponsored post. In my opinion it is okay if they did not state it is a sponsored post as for me it is a common sense.

Also, i realize social media is a broad topic by reading different topic explored by my colleagues.

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[1] Rasagopal, Kamalesh., Lee Chi Keng, Dennis., and Young Chan, Kim. (2012) Ethical Dillema:IT. via YouTube (10 November 2015)

Digital platforms bring more opportunities than i thought !

On my previous post, i miss out other opportunities digital platforms offered in curating our online professional profile. Social media gives us the opportunity to create a unique resume and shows our competitive advantages. Bear in mind, different individual fits different platform. Could be linked to the way they use the platform as resident or visitor.

From¬†Patrick’s blog, i learned how personal brand might also work in conjunction with business brand. Digital platforms also allow us to present our resume in a distinct way. Truly shows our value, not only based on our education and work experiences. Here’s one example:

Credit : FrenkiProductions “Creative CV – Giulia F” via Youtube.

Siew Woon’s blog¬†and Ryan’s blog remind me¬†although LinkedIn is widely used; It is more advantageous for thus rich in experiences and connection. For fresh graduates, using social network might be a better tools to create exposure. Namely WordPress, Twitter, or About.me.¬†Speaking of exposure,¬†Leah Cowan’s blog¬†mentioned Tweriod. An innovation in digital world that brings more chance to be noticed. Twitter could help us to create relation. Like what Sarah Hewitt mentioned, we won’t lose anything by simply say hi and thanks for thus help us in gaining additional knowledge for our blog-post.

In addition, Here’s my brand strategy :

my brand

  • SWOT analysis of ourselves to know what makes you different, what you should include in your profile. It is about quality, not quantity.
  • Getting to know who is our targeted audiences [future employer]
  • Chose several platforms that work best for us ¬†[twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, and maybe About.me]
  • Integrate all the platform so they will point back at you and make you noticed [use same username and same photo]
  • monitor and control. Keep your social media private and regularly update your platform. Maybe we can do a regular check to delete contents that not applicable for us anymore.

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References :

Hunt, Teddy (2013). 5 Best Apps to Build Your Online Professional Profile [6 November 2015]

Frenki Productions (2013). Creative CV – Giulia F. Via YouTube [6 November 2015]

Topic 2 – Reflective Summary

Comments that i receive got me reflect on several things. First, i haven’t really emphasize my reason and personal experiences regarding personal identities. Second, i haven’t really think how personal identities linked to marketing perspectives.

Integrating your personal life and your work life does not mean it will invade your privacy. For example bubzbeauty, fourfeetnine, and¬†timothytiah. They are could be said blogger while TimothyTiah is a co-founder of Netccentric. They share their daily life, hardships, experiences, to some extent that it won’t invade their privacy. ¬†I judge them less because i know what they have been through and i also do support their business. Who knows when your colleagues knew your personal problem they will try to understand you more.

Be honest = integrity

Be honest = integrity

Additional point i got from Siew Woon’s post, i also don’t want to be trapped in working society that can’t accept me for who i am. ¬†Of course, we still have to be selective on what we post online and be honest with our society.There will always be a judgement but as long as we never do something wrong. It is okay to be yourself both online and offline ūüôā .

From Clinton’s post, i learned to make a point where we should maintain our identity to create a competitive advantages in marketing ourselves. We should be selective on what we post.¬†At first i think one identity could make marketers understands our behavior and needs better and multiple identities could confused marketers. Clinton’s answer to Wei Jie’s comment give me other insight where we can focused on their lifestyle and identity or identities won’t be a problem.

In addition, i am not fully against having personal identities. It would be beneficial for small communities or where they might shy to ask sensitive question or civil worker where they must be really careful on what they post. Overall the way i use social media also evolving and who knows down the road i might have to separate my personal life and my work life. 

Topic 1 – Reflective Summary

After reading the source given and do my own research. Now i realize there is different kind of internet user based on their culture and motivation. The most meaningful experience of this topic is when we get the opportunity to relate each’s experiences, views, and collaborate through comment with each other. After reading my colleague’s blog-post i realize i haven’t fully utilize all sources available and could have done better.I have read several posts from my colleagues. Kai’s and TjueYin’s blogposts catch my attention and give me better insight
On Kai’s blog, i¬†gain deeper insight of visitors and residents theories by the video and digital mapping provided. On the other hand, when i watch the video i also realized the way i use my social media also evolving. Last time i used twitter and facebook actively and undoubtedly count as residents. However, now i never open my facebook anymore and only use twitter for institutional purposes. Does it now make me count as visitors ? In addition, accesing individual’s digital mapping could gain us insight to chose the right platform to enforce engagement. Here’s my digital mapping :

digital mapping

On the other hand,¬†On TjueYin’s blog¬†I’m inspired to write my blogpost in different way as her opening is really refreshing and engage the reader to find out more on her tought. Her blogpost also remind me of my parents’s digital engagement that is not determined by age.

In conclusion, in topic 1 i learned the different approach of individual accessing digital world that’s affected by individual’s culture and motivation. I also inspired to do more research and explore different ways to write my thoughts.

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