Google your name! Are you there ?

Online profile is about our reputation and visibility in digital world. Using it as our marketing campaign to create awareness of us, promote and sell ourselves to the employer. Before i start this program, i could not find anything when i typed my full name. Reason behind, i use my nickname and different username all over my online platforms. Now, to create consistency i integrate all my online platforms by using my full name. As a results, i start to have my LinkedIn, Twitter, and WordPress displayed. Still have a long way to go to curate it of course.

Online professional profile is our branding that should be managed strategically. How to impress our recruiters in first 10 seconds and make them find out more about us. Online professional profile developed through several platforms. I’ll divide it into professional network and social network.

LinkedIn now is the most widely used recruitment platform. Here’s one example video on how to manage your profile on LinkedIn

Managing your professional profile on social networks could be tricky as there is a blurred lines between private life and professional life. There are 2 spectrum on this. First, where recruiters don’t believe in checking candidates’s social media as they perceive their privacy or didn’t see the link between personal life and performance. Second, recruiters that will check your social media trace and serious about it. Some candidates try to clear their past online traces or use professional service like BeMyBest. Like what i said on my last post, i chose to create “one brand”, one identity. It is okay to share your bits of life. As long as it is not something negative that will affect others. Eg: JustineSacco tweet. What could be done is to scrape through all our social media platform. Namely Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blog or even Skype. Keep it private, clean all the unnecessary stuff. Integrate all of them to shows your competitive advantages. Define who you are, what you excellent at, your interest, passion, or connection. Make it easy to access and make yourself contactable.

To be authentic, it should define the true value of yourself. One thing to take note, What posted will always be there. We should be selective on what we post, determine the right amount and the right place to put it as our employer searching for different information through different platform. We don’t have to hide our personal life. It is how we manage it.

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