My #mang2049 experience

(created by S.Sutanto, 2015)

Time sure flies. After two weeks of packed schedule that require us to be online much more than ever. Suddenly it is the end of this module. Living and working on the web allows learning and collaborating without boundaries. Our daily hangout is short, efficient, yet memorable. Below are the purpose of #mang2049

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Does it attained ? for me it is definitely yes. Why i said so? Because i see the difference !

How I progress final

Through this module, I discover more sources of reliable information that could help me in my degree. Several accounts that I follow on twitter and LinkedIn give me useful insights. Examples of account that i follow on twitter:

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What I follow on LinkedIn:

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This module require us to create blog-post and collaborate with others. At first it is really hard. I remember clearly how my first post was all text. I also apprehend every time i leave a comment as i’m afraid it will offend others. As time goes on, I began to enjoy this module. The research process, developing my own view, exploring other’s view and sometimes we will receive some challenging comments.

To create traffic, i need an engaging blog-post. Therefore, i try to create several diagram through PowerPoint, put images and create video through VideoScribe and PowToon.

The most beneficial part of this module to me is developing my online professional identity. I decide to create new email and twitter as the old one isn’t professional at all.

On the other hand, I’ve been struggling to start my resume for my internship. This module guides me to create my own branding, my authentic identity. During this module I decided to create my LinkedIn profile. Now I realized why this platform gain popularity.

Privacy perception of each individual is different. For me, I chose to integrate all my online platforms and use it to create one identity. There is no separate account for work life and personal life. However, I will make sure what I post won’t affect me in the future. Security wise, I’ve always put my Instagram on private as i believe it’s only for my inner circle. My twitter, blog, and LinkedIn will be opened to public as they are my marketing tool.

I believe this module is only the start of my online presence. The benefit will grow as i grow my networks and connections. For example currently i join marketing and communication network group on LinkedIn, but i’m only as a visitor. I have not really engaged. Same goes with different accounts i follow on twitter. I should step out of my comfort zone and shows my appreciation of my gained knowledge.

During creating my LinkedIn profile i also realized i have not really participate in any community. I’m planning to join PPIS (Community for Indonesian student in Singapore). I also might create online community that’s related to my field.

English is not my first language, I do have weaknesses in this. I am planning to read more articles posted on LinkedIn or twitter and blog to increase my proficiency.

In the end of this last post for #mang2049 i would like to say thanks to Dr. Nic, Dr. Lissa, and Dr.Sarah for all the guidances and all my awesome colleagues that’s make this module utterly awesome. It is a short but meaningful module that nurtured my professional profile.

Short highlight of my journey:

(created by S.Sutanto, 2015)

Twitter : @silvianasutanto

LinkedIn : Silviana Gunarsih Sutanto

YouTube : SilvianaSutanto

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