About Me

My full name is Silviana Gunarsih Sutanto and usually called wiwi by my close friends or my family. My born-day is 11 October 1995. Before come to Singapore, i spent almost all my life in Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia.

My little family

My little family

I’m the youngest and the only daughter in my family. On top is the photo of my brother’s wedding this year. Which also make me now have one sister 🙂

I’m holding Diploma in Management studies awarded by SIM and currently pursuing my degree in Marketing in University of Southampton. Other than marketing, my passion is cooking. I spent my free time googling and trying new recipes and to balance it, i also do workout. I enjoy join gym classes to de-stress. Namely bodycombat, zumba. bodypump, or yoga.

Before high school i really hate working out. However, in my second year i realize i’m categorized as overweight and have to lose weight. I manage to lost more than 30kgs because of workout and clean eating (didn’t mean to be boastful). My dream after i graduate is to save enough money to open a gym or consultation site to help those struggle to lose weight.

I create this blog as my module require me to do blogpost on topic given. Despite, i’ve been a big fanatic about blogosphere. Some blogger that i really like are fourfeetnine, timothytiah, qiuqiu, and xiaxue. From them i can see how marketing really evolving by social media platform.

That’s all about me for now. looking forward to interact more through this blog or other social media platform ! :DD



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