Topic 2 – Reflective Summary

Comments that i receive got me reflect on several things. First, i haven’t really emphasize my reason and personal experiences regarding personal identities. Second, i haven’t really think how personal identities linked to marketing perspectives.

Integrating your personal life and your work life does not mean it will invade your privacy. For example bubzbeauty, fourfeetnine, and timothytiah. They are could be said blogger while TimothyTiah is a co-founder of Netccentric. They share their daily life, hardships, experiences, to some extent that it won’t invade their privacy.  I judge them less because i know what they have been through and i also do support their business. Who knows when your colleagues knew your personal problem they will try to understand you more.

Be honest = integrity

Be honest = integrity

Additional point i got from Siew Woon’s post, i also don’t want to be trapped in working society that can’t accept me for who i am.  Of course, we still have to be selective on what we post online and be honest with our society.There will always be a judgement but as long as we never do something wrong. It is okay to be yourself both online and offline 🙂 .

From Clinton’s post, i learned to make a point where we should maintain our identity to create a competitive advantages in marketing ourselves. We should be selective on what we post. At first i think one identity could make marketers understands our behavior and needs better and multiple identities could confused marketers. Clinton’s answer to Wei Jie’s comment give me other insight where we can focused on their lifestyle and identity or identities won’t be a problem.

In addition, i am not fully against having personal identities. It would be beneficial for small communities or where they might shy to ask sensitive question or civil worker where they must be really careful on what they post. Overall the way i use social media also evolving and who knows down the road i might have to separate my personal life and my work life. 


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