Topic 1 – Reflective Summary

After reading the source given and do my own research. Now i realize there is different kind of internet user based on their culture and motivation. The most meaningful experience of this topic is when we get the opportunity to relate each’s experiences, views, and collaborate through comment with each other. After reading my colleague’s blog-post i realize i haven’t fully utilize all sources available and could have done better.I have read several posts from my colleagues. Kai’s and TjueYin’s blogposts catch my attention and give me better insight
On Kai’s blog, i gain deeper insight of visitors and residents theories by the video and digital mapping provided. On the other hand, when i watch the video i also realized the way i use my social media also evolving. Last time i used twitter and facebook actively and undoubtedly count as residents. However, now i never open my facebook anymore and only use twitter for institutional purposes. Does it now make me count as visitors ? In addition, accesing individual’s digital mapping could gain us insight to chose the right platform to enforce engagement. Here’s my digital mapping :

digital mapping

On the other hand, On TjueYin’s blog I’m inspired to write my blogpost in different way as her opening is really refreshing and engage the reader to find out more on her tought. Her blogpost also remind me of my parents’s digital engagement that is not determined by age.

In conclusion, in topic 1 i learned the different approach of individual accessing digital world that’s affected by individual’s culture and motivation. I also inspired to do more research and explore different ways to write my thoughts.

word counts : 274 words


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