Self Introduction

Hi ! nice to meet you through my blog ☺☺

My name is Silviana Gunarsih Sutanto. Yup, i know it is long and quite hard to pronounced. Used to hate my name but after i come to Singapore, i begin to love it. Reason behind is people that i met here told me it is a beautiful and unique name. i am twenty years old, the youngest and the only daughter in my family. I have two brothers that i forever grateful for and love them so much.

I am Indonesian and currently pursuing my degree in Singapore. Graduated from my diploma program in management studies at Singapore Institute of Management and now pursuing my degree. Took bachelor in marketing studies under University of Southampton as i believe in the power of marketing. My degree also one of the reason why i start this blog. Being the only foreign student in my class, at first i’m quite scared. Wrong piece of thought, i am definitely okay and i love my classmates 😄

I did not talk much when i first met people but after some time they will know. I talk quite a lot and can be so random. As English is not my first language. Sometimes i will have my spelling or grammar mistakes. Please pardon me, i am progressing to make it better, hehe.

Been a big fans on ‘blogosphere’ and always want to have one. well, here i am with my first blog, first blogpost, and first journey of my first online module.

That’s all for now, would love to interact more and if have any question just leave on the comment ? love ya !


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