Visitors and Residents, what define them ?

Visitors see the internet as a box of tool to achieve their goal. They didn’t leave any trace of their appearance, such as expression of opinions or having any ‘digital identity’. It is not because they are not technically adapted but they are more focused. It could be the individual have a great network offline that they did not need any additional online community. Visitors act based on their goal is to solve their problem so they will chose the appropriate tool and sign off. In educational aspect, most visitor’s ideology saw internet as a pool of information to pick up information. Social media and others have nothing to do with learning journey.

While Residents could be said as the next level of engagement. They perceive web as a part of their life and social space. They have community, create relationship and have a sense of ‘belonging’. They share part of their life journey on web by using social media. They also tend to expressing their-self on web. However, it does not means residents are using internet more efficient and effective than visitors.

Visitor and Residents are a term to define our engagement with the web. Visitor and residents term cover the native and immigrant term which define the engagement by age and skill or academic and technical. It is defined by the culture and motivation of the web user.

How individuals use the platform depends on the context and how they manage it. A proportion of user might use web primarily as visitor or primarily as resident. Other spectrum is using web as visitor and resident depends on the occasion and I am one of it. In doing my study or searching for information, I’m using web as a visitor. My aim is to gain reliable information or help me to do some task, once it’s accomplished I’ll sign off. While for personal life, I’m using web as a residents. Mostly for social media. Namely Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blog, and YouTube. Quite often I leave some comments to show support, opinions, or simply to say hi.

Not all platforms are designed equally, some of them are designed to be used as resident. Using it as visitor will prevent us to get the value of the platform. Another spectrum is educational, recently education move to collaborating web into the syllabus. One of the example is our online module that collaborates different platform and social media. During this module, students should use resident approach to get the most of it.

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Me on the internet

Starting my #MANG2049 module which living and working on the web by 28 October. Feels excited to do my first online module. To begin with, my first task is to write post about self reflection regarding my online behaviour and priorities.  My reflection on this would be based on seven core given by Dr. Lissa

1.Accessing, managing and evaluating online information : ✰✰

Most of the time i am not having a problem with accessing and managing online information. However, there is some weaknesses on evaluating online information. Sometimes, i tend to be bias on the information itself based on the writer. For example when i read blog post by blogger that i love. I tend to assumed everything she discussed is relevant.

2. Participating in online communities : ✰✰

So far i don’t really involved in online communities. Been always a silent reader or followers.

3. Building online networks around area of interest : ✰

haven’t had any experience in building online networks. Maybe i should try to create one soon 🙂

4. Collaborating with others : ✰✰

i love to work with others as we can give each other advice on our idea. Most of the time i do collaborating with others by google docs or prezi.

5. Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) : ✰✰

Definitely not an expert as i did not have the skills to use photoshop. So far, most of online materials that i create is for my social media and it is created on my mobile phone. Only by phone’s camera and simple editing apps.

6. Managing your online identity : ✰✰

Most of us been always managing our online identity, Why said so ?. Just a simple example, we as youngsters spent a long time only to chose what picture to post, the editing part and what caption should accompany it.

As me myself, i always try to show the fun and exciting part of my life. Don’t really fancy to put my emotion out there when i am feeling sad or down.

7. Managing your online privacy and security : ✰✰

To protect my privacy and security, i keep private most of my social media. Only allowed users can see my online activities and information. i also avoid to put my phone number or my address online.

After reflecting on my strength and weaknesses. I definitely have quite a lot aspects that need to be improved. By doing this module i believe i can progress better for my online behaviour. For now my priorities is to improve my ability in producing online materials and starting to get involved or maybe even create online communities. After all it is fun to meet someone across the globe that have same interest like you.

Self Introduction

Hi ! nice to meet you through my blog ☺☺

My name is Silviana Gunarsih Sutanto. Yup, i know it is long and quite hard to pronounced. Used to hate my name but after i come to Singapore, i begin to love it. Reason behind is people that i met here told me it is a beautiful and unique name. i am twenty years old, the youngest and the only daughter in my family. I have two brothers that i forever grateful for and love them so much.

I am Indonesian and currently pursuing my degree in Singapore. Graduated from my diploma program in management studies at Singapore Institute of Management and now pursuing my degree. Took bachelor in marketing studies under University of Southampton as i believe in the power of marketing. My degree also one of the reason why i start this blog. Being the only foreign student in my class, at first i’m quite scared. Wrong piece of thought, i am definitely okay and i love my classmates 😄

I did not talk much when i first met people but after some time they will know. I talk quite a lot and can be so random. As English is not my first language. Sometimes i will have my spelling or grammar mistakes. Please pardon me, i am progressing to make it better, hehe.

Been a big fans on ‘blogosphere’ and always want to have one. well, here i am with my first blog, first blogpost, and first journey of my first online module.

That’s all for now, would love to interact more and if have any question just leave on the comment ? love ya !